IWSEC 2014 Accepted regular papers (in order of submission)

  1. Characterization of EME with Linear Mixing
    Nilanjan Datta and Mridul Nandi (Indian Statistical Institute, India)
  2. Hydra: An energy-efficient programmable cryptographic coprocessor supporting elliptic-curve pairings over fields of large characteristics
    Yun-An Chang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), Wei-Chih Hong (Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Ming-Chun Hsiao (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), Bo-Yin Yang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan), An-Yeu Wu (National Taiwan University, Taiwan) and Chen-Mou Cheng (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
  3. Cheater Identifiable Secret Sharing Schemes Via Multi-Receiver Authentication
    Rui Xu, Kirill Morozov and Tsuyoshi Takagi (Kyushu University, Japan)
  4. On the Security Proof of an Authentication Protocol from Eurocrypt 2011
    Kosei Endo and Noboru Kunihiro (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  5. A Technique using PUFs for protecting circuit layout designs against Reverse Engineering
    Dai Yamamoto (FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD., Japan), Masahiko Takenaka (FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD., Japan), Kazuo Sakiyama (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan) and Naoya Torii (FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD., Japan)
  6. Complicating Process Identification by Replacing Process Information for Attack Avoidance
    Masaya Sato and Toshihiro Yamauchi (Okayama University, Japan)
  7. How to Effectively Decrease the Resource Requirement in Template Attack?
    Hailong Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  8. Improved Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round MIBS
    Asli Bay, Jialin Huang and Serge Vaudenay (EPFL, Switzerland)
  9. Related Key Secure PKE from Hash Proof Systems
    Dingding Jia (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Bao Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Xianhui Lu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) and Qixiang Mei (Guangdong Ocean University, China)
  10. Kernel Memory Protection by an Insertable Hypervisor which has VM Introspection and Stealth Breakpoints
    Kuniyasu Suzaki (AIST, Japan), Toshiki Yagi (AIST, Japan), Kazukuni Kobara (AIST, Japan) and Toshiaki Ishiyama (FFRI, Japan)
  11. Are You Threatening my Hazards?
    Marina Krotofil (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany) and Jason Larsen (IOActive Inc., United States)
  12. DPA Resilience of Rotation-Symmetric S-boxes
    Muhammet Ali Evci (Informatic and Information Security Research Center, Turkey) and Selcuk Kavut (Gebze Institute of Technology, Turkey)
  13. Privacy-Friendly Access Control Based on Personal Attributes
    Jan Hajny (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic), Lukas Malina (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic) and Ondrej Tethal (OKsystem, Czech Republic)

IWSEC 2014 Accepted short papers (in order of submission)

  1. Towards Symmetric Functional Encryption for Regular Languages with Predicate Privacy
    Fu-Kuo Tseng, Rong-Jaye Chen and Bao-Shuh Paul Lin (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
  2. Exponentiation inversion problem reduced from fixed argument pairing inversion on twistable Ate pairing and its difficulty
    Shoichi Akagi and Yasuyuki Nogami (Okayama University, Japan)
  3. Cheating Detectable Secret Sharing Schemes Supporting an Arbitrary Finite Field
    Satoshi Obana and Kazuya Tsuchida (Hosei University, Japan)
  4. Secure Multi-party Computation for Elliptic Curves
    Koutarou Suzuki and Kazuki Yoneyama (NTT, Japan)
  5. More Constructions of Re-splittable Threshold Public Key Encryption
    Satsuya Ohata (The University of Tokyo/AIST, Japan), Takahiro Matsuda (AIST, Japan), Goichiro Hanaoka (AIST, Japan) and Kanta Matsuura (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  6. Deterministic Hard Fault Attack on Trivium
    Avijit Dutta (Jadavpur University, India) and Goutam Paul (Indian Statistical Institute)
  7. Framework for Efficient Search and Statistics Computation on Encrypted Cloud Data
    Sanjit Chatterjee and Sayantan Mukherjee (Indian Institute of Science, India)
  8. Key Management for Onion Routing in a True Peer to Peer Setting
    Paolo Palmieri and Johan Pouwelse (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)