IWSEC 2021

September 8 (Wed) -- 10 (Fri), 2021

Presenter Instruction for Online Conference

The conference will totally be held online. At lease one of the authors are expected to present your results as usual offline conference using online conference system.

  • We use Zoom for the online conference, and Slack for communication between participants. We strongly recommend joining the IWSEC 2021 slack workspace. Detailed instructions are provided below.
  • Your allocated time is just 25 minutes (20 minutes in SCIS/CSS session) including about 5 minutes for questions and answers. You are expected to present your results using the online conference system in real time. Your gesture and/or slides can be shared among the attendees.
  • Check your presentation time in the IWSEC2021 program. The time difference should be considered for your presentation time.
  • Please join the Zoom conference and check the connection (and screen sharing and microphone check) 10 minutes before your presentation session.
  • For presenters from abroad, we ask them to send us their presentation videos in advance for backup purpose. Details are announced by email.

How to use Zoom and Slack:

  • The invitation to IWSEC2021 Slack workspace will be sent to participants by email. When joining IWSEC2021 Slack workspace, please register your full name.
  • Zoom link will be also sent to participants by email, and posted in the IWSEC2021 Slack workspace.
  • The IWSEC2021 Slack workspace is also used for the announcement and questions-and-answers in the corresponding channel.
  • When joining the Zoom conference, please set your full name as the display name.
  • The questions will be asked by chair/audiences on Zoom, and also on the Slack channel. Please follow the chair's instructions to answer the questions via Zoom and Slack.