Journal of Information Processing Special issue of “Usable Security” : Review Policy for SoK Papers (for Reviewers)

In addition to research papers, this Special Issue also aims to publish SoK papers, including those that evaluate and systematize existing research, provide new insights into and reevaluate existing research areas, provide new taxonomies, and organize research methods and evaluation methods in this field.

When submitting an SoK paper, please prefix the title of these papers with “SoK:” (Example: "SoK: Security Psychology and Trust Considerations").

SoK papers are evaluated with a different review policy than research papers. The following is a review policy for SoK papers.

Review Policy for SoK Papers

Originality: Evaluate in terms of whether it presents new taxonomies or new interpretations that can be be novel or provides new insights (Especially in the case of revaluation).

Practicality: Evaluate the proposed new taxonomy, new interpretations and new insights in terms of their potential to provide high value to the research community.

SoK papers are submitted as "Special Issue – Manuscript (written in English)" or " Special Issue – Manuscript (written in English)" on the submission system. In addition, the input information for the evaluation of a paper is the same as that of a regular paper. Please keep this in mind when entering your evaluation.