Co-organized by IEICE & IPSJ

Social events

November 25 18:00-20:00 Excursion to Ritsurin Koen (Ritsurin Park)

Ritsurin Park, the largest National Special Scenic Beauty garden, is make up of 6 ponds and 13 hills, beautifully arranged against the green pine trees of Mount Shiunzan. The park offers a variety of trees as well as many stone arrangements that evolve into the wonderful style of the early Edo Era. In the evening, gardens are beautifully illuminated from November 21th to 30th, attracting visitors.

November 26 11:50-14:20 Lunch at Tamamo Koen (Tamamo Park)

The special lunch event will be held at Tamamo Koen.

  • "Self Udon" style lunch.
  • Sanuki udon is a most popular food in Sanuki (including Takamatsu). It is a type of thick wheat-based noodle. "Self Udon" means self-service Sanuki udon restaurants. customers can arrange udon to the way they like it, adding toppings, poring soup and taking a variety of side dishes. The process is just like a cooking, but not cumbersome.
  • Japanese style tea party
  • Saunter in the park
  • Attendees can enjoy feeding carp on the ponds.

Fees for all social events are included in the conference fee.