Keynote (Reihaneh Safavi-Naini)

A model for adversarial wiretap channel and its applications

    Reihaneh (Rei) Safavi-Naini
    Professor, University of Calgary, Canada


    Wyner’s wiretap model uses channel noise as the cryptographer’s resource to provide perfect secrecy and reliability for communications, without requiring a shared secret key. The model has attracted considerable attention in recent years in particular for securing wireless communications. We consider an adversarial model for wiretap channel in which the adversary can choose a fraction of the transmitted symbols for eavesdropping, and a second fraction of the symbols, to modify by adding noise. We define secrecy capacity of this model, prove an upper-bound on the capacity, and outline the construction of a capacity achieving code.
    We show the close relationship between this model and two other well-studied cryptographic primitives, secure message transmission and robust secret sharing.

Keynote (Yasuhiko Taniwaki)

Cybersecurity Strategy in Japan
Yasuhiko Taniwaki
Deputy Director-General, National Information Security Center, Japan