Co-organized by IPSJ,



The 12th International Workshop on Security
August 30 (Wed)-September 1 (Fri), 2017
International Conference Center Hiroshima,
Hiroshima, Japan


Best Paper Award

On Quantum Related-Key Attacks on Iterated Even-Mansour Ciphers
Akinori Hosoyamada and Kazumaro Aoki

Best Student Paper Award

Not All Browsers Are Created Equal: Comparing Web Browser Fingerprintability
Nasser Mohammed Al-Fannah and Wanpeng Li


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August 28th, 2017


Excursion Information is announced.

August 10th, 2017

Keynote Talks

'Keynote talks' page has been updated.

August 3rd, 2017

Accepted Posters

List of Posters is published.

August 2nd, 2017

Awards, SCIS & CSS Award Sessions

July 7th, 2017


Program is announced.

June 2nd, 2017

Accepted Papers, Keynote Talk

May 11th, 2017

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April 25th, 2017


Registration information is available.

March 3rd, 2017

Submission Deadline

Submission deadline has been extended to March 14, 2017.

January 27th, 2017


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January 16th, 2017

Keynote Talks

'Keynote talks' page has been released. This year, we will have great two keynote talks by Dr. Khaled El Emam and Dr. Kazue Sako.

January 16th, 2017

Committees and Call for Papers

'Committees' page has been updated. The program committee has been released.

Also, 'Call for Papers' page has been updated.

October 26th, 2016

IWSEC 2017 Web Site

This web site is just opened.

IWSEC2017 is co-organized by ISEC in ESS of IEICE (Technical Committee on Information Security in Engineering Sciences Society of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) and CSEC of IPSJ (Special Interest Group on computer Security of Information Processing Society of Japan).