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[ About MWS ]

MWS (anti-Malware engineering WorkShop) is organized by CCC (Cyber Clean Center) Steering Committee and IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan).
This workshop task was to improve an anti-malware research environment such as the detection, the monitoring and the analysis of malware. Also it was to build the collaboration community between the academic field researchers and the enterprise field engineers for the malware countermeasures.

[ Establishment of the collaboration community ]
Establishment of the collaboration community

[ CCC DATAset 2009 ]

CCC DATAset 2009 is Research Data Set used for the anti-Malware engineering WorkShop 2009 provided by Cyber Clean Center. Such a research data set is not evaluated data for a specific objective. The research interests can be shared between the researchers to use the same data set.
CCC DATAset 2009
CCC DATAset 2008 and 2009

[ Evaluation Data Set and Research Data Set ]

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