Q. How is the copyright on the manuscripts submitted to SCIS 2017 handled?
A. SCIS 2017 is organized as a domestic conference under the statutes of the IEICE. In accordance with IEICE rules, authors of submitted manuscripts are required to transfer the copyright on these works to the IEICE. Please refer to the IEICE Provisions on Copyright for details.
Q. Is the collection of presentation manuscripts included in the registration fee?
A. Yes, a USB key containing the presentation manuscripts and the online abstracts is provided to participants as part of their conference fee.
Q. Should the fees be paid in advance?
A. Yes, please use the online registration system and complete your payment by the registration deadline. If you encounter problems with the registration procedure or the payment system, please contact us.
Q. Can I resubmit my manuscript to an international conference or a journal?
Submissions to this symposium are not peer-reviewed, and we do not publish any formal proceedings. Therefore, submitting the same results to an international conference or a journal would presumably not count as a double submission according to the policies of most venues. Regarding copyright issues, please refer to the IEICE Provisions on Copyright.
Q. If I submit a manuscript, when is it made public?
The submitted online abstracts will appear on this website on the first day of SCIS 2017 (Jan. 24, 2017). The collection of presentation manuscripts, distributed to SCIS 2017 participants in the form of a USB key, will also be issued on the same day.
Q. Is there wireless or wired network?
A. We will not prepare the network.
Q. Is there a cloakroom?
A. We will prepare a temporary cloakroom near the foyer on the first day (Jan. 24th) and the last day (Jan. 27th) of SCIS 2017. Please use the hotel cloakroom on other day (Jan. 25th and 26th).
Q. Is it warm in winter Okinawa?
A. The maximum temperature is around 18 °C. For men, suits (with jacket) are enough temperature. However, preparation of rain gear is necessary because of rainy season.
Q. Is there a meal service at the venue or in the vicinity?
A. There are restaurants and cafes in the hotel. In addition, there are supermarkets and dining halls around the venue. However, it seems that large numbers of people do not enter too much.
Q. Can I eat and dring in the venue?
A. It is possible eating and drinking in the session room. Please refrain in public spaces that other guests can see.

Photo credits: Okinawa Convention&Visitors Bureau

(C) 2016 SCIS2017 Organizing Committee.