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Welcome to IWSEC2007

Following the success of a series of Japanese domestic symposia in the field of computer security, ISEC and CSEC are delighted to host the Second International Workshop on Security, IWSEC2007, on October 29-31, 2007, in Nara, Japan.

The complex structure of networks, middleware, agents, P2P applications and ubiquitous computing for commercial, personal, communal and public use, brought forth the advent of information society in the cyberspace. However the system poses new and diverse threats to the world. It is imperative for the security researchers to look into the issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The aim of IWSEC2007 is to contribute to security research and development addressing the topics: from traditional theory and tools on security to up-to-date issues.

  • Fundamental Tools for Information Security
  • Network and Distributed Systems Security
  • Privacy Enhancing Technology
  • Secure Living and Working Environments
  • Security in Commerce and Government
  • Security Management
  • Software and System Security
  • Protection of Critical Infrastructures
  • Testing, Verification and Certification
  • Law, Policy, Ethics and Related Technologies

We have 112paper submissions. Among them 30 papers were accepted through a rigorous review process.

We now invite you to attend IWSEC2007. Join the fruitful discussions in Nara!!

Download CFPa

CFPa of IWSEC2007 (PDF) is available.


On-line registration is available through the main website of the workshop.

Early-bird registration is offered. Please visit the website to find the detailed information and register.
Early-bird registration deadline : September 30, 2007 (GMT)


Late October is one of the best seasons to visit Japan, and the organizers are most pleased to host the conference in the city of Nara, Nara was the site of the ancient capital of Japan and has the world heritage sites of "The Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area" and "The Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara."

For the visitors from outside Japan, Nara is easily accessible from Kansai Airport.

  • Route from Kansai Airport to Nara
    • JR Kansai Airport Station -> JR Tennoji Station -> JR Nara Station(about 80min(except for waiting time), by train)
    • Kansai Airport -> JR Nara Station(about 85min, by bus)
  • Tourism Information

Details of Topics

  • Fundamental Tools for Information Security
    • Authentication
    • Authorization and access control
    • Biometrics
    • Cryptography and itsapplications
    • Data protection
    • Digital signatures
    • Information hiding
    • Quantum security
  • Network and Distributed Systems Security
    • Distributed systems security
    • Internet and web security
    • Intrusion detection
    • Security in sensor networks
    • Mobile security
    • Key management
    • Public key infrastructure
  • Privacy Enhancing Technology
    • Anonymity related technology
    • Privacy preserving system
    • Privacy on WEB and DB
  • Secure Living and Working Environments
    • Secure ubiquitous computing
    • Secure consumer electronics
    • Secure office
    • RFID security
    • ITS security
  • Security in Commerce and Government
    • DRM, copyright protection, and content security
    • e-business/e-commerce security
    • Secure e-government
  • Security Management
    • Access control policies
    • ISMS
  • Software and System Security
    • Security architectures
    • Secure information systems development
    • Data and system integrity
    • Efficient representations and implementations
  • Protection of Critical Infrastructures
    • Information warfare and critical infrastructure protection
    • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Testing, Verification and Certification
    • Security verification
    • Assurance
  • Law, Policy, Ethics and Related Technologies
    • Computer forensics
    • Information law, ethics
    • Enterprise security models and policies


  • General co-Chairs
    • Masakatu Morii, Kobe University, Japan
    • Masao Terada, Hitachi Ltd., Japan
  • Program Committee co-Chairs
    • Atsuko Miyaji, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
    • Hiroaki Kikuchi, Tokai University, Japan
    • Kai Rannenberg, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany


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