Co-organized by IEICE & IPSJ

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You have 25 minutes for your talk including discussion. Thank you.

Time Table

October 29, 2007

Time Room F1 Room F2
13:00–13:30 Opening Ceremony
13:30–15:00 Software and Multimedia security Public-key cryptography (1)
15:00–15:30 Coffee break
15:30–17:30 Network Security E-commerce and Voting

October 30, 2007

Time Room F1 Room F2
8:30–9:00 Early Bird Event
10:00–11:30 Operating systems Public-key cryptography (2)
11:30–13:30 Lunch
13:30–14:30 Invited Talk
14:30–14:45 Coffee Break
14:45–16:15 Security and Information management Anonymity and Privacy
17:00–19:00 Conference Dinner

October 31, 2007

Time Room F2
09:30–11:30 Digital signatures, Hash function and Protocol
11:30–12:00 Closing

Program of IWSEC2007

Opening Ceremony

13:00-13:30 29 October (Mon), 2007

Software and Multimedia security

13:30-15:00 29 October (Mon), 2007 Room F1

Session Chair: Hiroshi Yoshiura

  • A Note on the (Im)possibility of Using Obfuscators to Transform Private-Key Encryption into Public-Key Encryption,
    Satoshi Hada and Kouichi Sakurai, Japan
  • Design Issues of Isolated Sandbox for Analyzing Malwares,
    Shinsuke Miwa, Toshiyuki Miyachi, Masashi Eto, Masashi Yoshizumi and Yoichi Shinoda, Japan
  • Collusion-Resistant Fingerprinting Scheme Based on the CDMA-Technique,
    Naoki Hayashi, Minoru Kuribayashi and Masakatu Morii, Japan

Public-key cryptography (1)

13:30-15:00 29 October (Mon), 2007 Room F2

Session Chair: Serge Vaudenay

  • Reduction Optimal Trinomials for Efficient Software Implementation of the \eta_T Pairing,
    Toshiya Nakajima, Tetsuya Izu and Tsuyoshi Takagi, Japan
  • Experiments on the Linear Algebra Step in the Number Field Sieve,
    Kazumaro Aoki, Takeshi Shimoyama and Hiroki Ueda, Japan
  • A Secure Threshold Anonymous Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol,
    SeongHan Shin, Kazukuni Kobara and Hideki Imai, Japan

Network security

15:30-17:30 29 October (Mon), 2007 Room F1

Session Chair: Masakatsu Nishigaki

  • Botnet Traffic Detection Techniques by C&C Session Classification Using SVM,
    Satoshi Kondo and Naoshi Sato, Japan
  • A Global Authentication Scheme for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks,
    P. Caballero-Gil and C. Caballero-Gil, Spain
  • An Efficient Pre-authentication Scheme for IEEE 802.11-based Vehicular Networks,
    Junbeom Hur, Chanil Park and Hyunsoo Yoon, Korea
  • Intrusion Detection and Identification System Using Data Mining and Forensic Techniques,
    Fang-Yie Leu, Kai-Wei Hu and Fuu-Cheng Jiang, Taiwan

E-commerce and Voting

15:30-17:30 29 October (Mon), 2007 Room F2

Session Chair: Noboru Kunihiro

  • Run-Time Randomization to Mitigate Tampering,
    Bertrand Anckaert, Mariusz Jakubowski and Koen De Bosschere, Belgium
  • Privacy-Preserving Eigentaste-based Collaborative Filtering,
    Ibrahim Yakut and Huseyin Polat, Turkey
  • Secure and Private Incentive-Based Advertisement Dissemination in Mobile Ad hoc Networks,
    Alexandre Viejo, Francesc Sebe and Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Spain
  • Verifiable Internet Voting Solving Secure Platform Problem,
    Miroslaw Kutylowski and Filip Zagorski, Poland

Early Bird Event

8:30-9:00 30 October (Thu), 2007

Operating systems

10:00-11:30 30 October (Thu), 2007 Room F1

Session Chair: Eiichiro Fujisaki

  • Enforcement of Integrated Security Policy in Trusted Operating Systems,
    Hyung Chan Kim, R.S. Ramakrishna, Wook Shin and Kouichi Sakurai,
  • Salvia: A Privacy-Aware Operating System for Prevention of Data Leakage,
    Kazuhisa Suzuki, Koichi Mouri, and Eiji Okubo, Japan
  • InfoCage: A Development and Evaluation of Confidential File Lifetime Monitoring Technology by Analyzing Events from File Systems and GUIs,
    Koji Kida, Hisashi Sakamoto, Hideo Shimazu and Hiroyuki Tarumi, Japan

Public-key cryptography (2)

10:00-11:30 30 October (Thu), 2007 Room F2

Session Chair: Tsuyoshi Takagi

  • Controlling Access to Personal Data through Accredited Symmetrically Private Information Retrieval,
    Mohamed Layouni, Canada
  • Generic Certificateless Encryption in the Standard Model,
    Qiong Huang and Duncan S. Wong, China
  • On Security Models and Compilers for Group Key Exchange Protocols,
    Emmanuel Bresson and Mark Manulis and Joerg Schwenk, Germany

Invited Talk

13:30-14:30 30 October (Thu), 2007

Session Chair: Yuko Murayama

  • Snooping on Keyboards - A case study of the intersection between machine learning and computer security,
    Professor Doug Tygar (University of California,Berkeley)

Security and Information management

14:45-16:15 30 October (Tue), 2007 Room F1

Session Chair: Kanta Matsuura

  • Processing Multi-Parameter Attacktrees with Estimated Parameter Values,
    Aivo Jurgenson and Jan Willemson, Estonia
  • Practical Security Analysis of E-voting Systems,
    Ahto Buldas and Triinu Magi, Estonia
  • Fine-grained Sticky Provenance Architecture for Office Documents,
    Takuya Mishina, Sachiko Yoshihama and Michiharu Kudo, Japan

Anonymity and Privacy

14:45-16:15 30 October (Tue), 2007 Room F2

Session Chair: Mitsuru Matsui

  • Secure Anonymous Communications with Practical Anonymity Revocation Scheme,
    Koji Chida, Osamu Shionoiri and Atsushi Kanai, Japan
  • GAS: Overloading a File Sharing Network as an Anonymizing System,
    Elias Athanasopoulos, Mema Roussopoulos, Kostas G. Anagnostakis and Evangelos P. Markatos, Greece
  • A Composite Privacy Protection Model,
    Yi Ren, Min Luo, Zukai Tang, Lingqing Ye, China

Digital signatures, Hash function and Protocol

09:30-11:30 31 October (Wed), 2007 Room F2

Session Chair: Mark Manulis

  • Nominative Signature from Ring Signature,
    Dennis Y. W. Liu, Shuang Chang, Duncan S. Wong and Yi Mu, China
  • Anonymous Authentication Protocols with Credit-Based Chargeability and Fair Privacy for Mobile Communications,
    Chun-I Fan and Vincent Shi-Ming Huang, Taiwan
  • How To Find Many Collisions of 3-Pass HAVAL,
    Kazuhiro Suzuki and Kaoru Kurosawa, Japan
  • Batch Pairing Delegation,
    Patrick P. Tsang, Sherman S.M. Chow and Sean W. Smith, USA

Closing Ceremony

11:30-12:00 31 October (Wed), 2007 Room F2