IWSEC Cup 2013
We held a malware-analysis competition named "IWSEC Cup 2013". This year, the competition date and place were different from the ones of IWSEC 2013 Conference, but it was held with a domestic competition (MWS Cup 2013) in CSS 2013.
  • October 21 (Mon.), 2013, 9:30-12:20  :  Malware-analysis competition (Technical Session)
    (in MWS Cup 2013 Technical Session).
  • October 21 (Mon.), 2013, 13:20-14:40  :  Malware-analysis competition (Presentation Session)
    (in MWS Cup 2013 Presentation Session).
  • October 22 (Tue.), 2013 17:00-  :  Awards ceremony
    (during CSS 2013 (MWS 2013) award ceremony).
IWSEC Cup 2013 Technical Session 1 IWSEC Cup 2013 Technical Session 2

13 teams from around the world demonstrated their anti-malware techniques through analysis (in Technical Session) and presentation (in Presentation Session). The analysis results and presentations were scored and the teams which marked high scores were awarded as follows :
  • Gold Prize  :  Team Enu (NTT Secure Platform Laboratories)
  • Silver Prize  :  GOTO Love and SHODAI-MORI-Lab (Waseda Universit)
  • Bronze Prize  :  JINKAI-SENJUTSU Team (Shizuoka University, Tokyo University of Science, Digital Arts, Hitachi, Ltd. HIRT, Meiji University)

  • IWSEC Cup 2013 receives its funding partially through Information Environment (IE) Domain Project on IPSJ.