SCIS/CSS Invited Sessions

This year, IWSEC 2013 decided to invite best paper/best student paper award winners at two major domestic symposiums on information security (CSS and SCIS) to give short talks about their papers. We have the following invited speakers (for joint papers, only the speakers are listed below):

  • Privacy visor: Wearable device that transmits invisible noise signals for preventing face recognition from camera images
    Isao Echizen (Graduate School for Advanced Studies / National Institute of Informatics)

  • An Algorithm for Computing Aggregate Median on Secure Function Evaluation
    Koki Hamada (NTT)

  • Remote fault-injection method with timing control based on leaked information
    Yu-ichi Hayashi (Tohoku University)

  • Application for Privacy-Preserving Epidemic analysis and Bays Estimation of Size of Intersection using Bloom Filter
    Hiroaki Kikuchi (Meiji University)

  • Chosen Ciphertext Secure Encryption over Semi-smooth Subgroup Revisited
    Takashi Yamakawa (The University of Tokyo)

  • Multiple-Signability: A Study on Multisignatures and Aggregate Signatures
    Naoto Yanai (University of Tsukuba)

See also the program page.