IWSEC Cup 2015

We held the international malware analysis competition "IWSEC Cup 2015". As with last year, the competition was held in conjunction with MWS Cup 2015, a Japanese domestic competition in CSS 2015, to achieve effective collaboration and partnership.
  • October 21 (Wed.), 2015, 9:20-12:15: Malware-analysis competition (Technical Session) (in MWS Cup 2015 Technical Session).
  • October 22 (Thur.), 2015, 10:55-12:15: Malware-analysis competition (Presentation Session) (in MWS Cup 2015 Presentation Session).
  • October 22 (Thur.), 2015, 18:10-19:10: Awards ceremony (during CSS 2015 (MWS 2015) award ceremony).
IWSEC Cup 2015 Technical Session

15 teams demonstrated their anti-malware techniques by running malware analysis (in Technical Session) and presenting the results (in Presentation Session). The analysis results and presentations were scored, and the teams with good scores were awarded as follows :

  • Gold Prize : urandom

  • Silver Prize : JINKAI-SENJUTSU Black Team

  • Bronze Prize : Security SANKA Team