Important information about the Banquet and Night Session― Jan. 12 2022 Update ―

 Dear SCIS Attendees
Through the COVID-19 disaster, we realized the importance of integrating people from different organizations, and the importance of connecting digital and reality. Security is a technology to connect and integrate digital and reality correctly and safely. I hope that SCIS will be a place where people from various organizations can securely integrate digital and real technologies and create new knowledge. Although the number of people infected with COVID-19 is increasing, SCIS will be held in a hybrid manner, with safety measures implemented in accordance with Osaka Prefecture's standards.
As for the reception, in order to take all possible measures against the COVID-19, SCIS2022 will use the measures related to restaurants in the "Vaccine and Inspection Package System" presented by Osaka Prefecture, the host city.

(Ref. About "Vaccine and Inspection Package System" Osaka. ) ( Only in Japanese )

Therefore, either "Confirmation of vaccination history" or "Confirmation of negative PCR test, quantitative antigen test, or qualitative antigen test" and identification will be conducted. Please present the following information at the entrance of the venue (12th Floor Special Conference Hall) if you are attending the reception.

I will check "A1 or A2" and "B".

A1.Documents verifying that you have received at least two doses of vaccine.
・Certificate of vaccination (including certificate of vaccination, record of vaccination, etc.)
 - Confirm that you have completed at least two doses of the vaccine and that at least 14 days have passed since the second dose.
 - A copy of the vaccination certificate, photo, or vaccination certificate app「新型コロナワクチン接種証明書アプリ(Digital Agency)」screen is acceptable.

A2.Documents confirming that the PCR test is negative
 - PCR test results are valid for 3 days from the date of specimen collection (or test date if the specimen collection date is unknown).
B.Identification (driver's license, my number card, health insurance card, student ID, etc.)

If you wish to cancel the banquet, please let us until 15:00 on January 13, 2012, in accordance with the request to use the "Vaccine and Testing Package System".


In this case, the banquet fee will be refunded. For those after that, we will follow our cancellation policy.
Thank you for your cooperation.

About Banquet & Night Session―Banquet&Night Session Designs for COVID-19 Regulation―

In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, the reception and night session will be held in a seated style at SCIS2022.

*Please note the following*

SCIS2022's Banquet&Night Session is seated style (not a buffet style).

we must confirm to the number of dishes to serve everyone in advance.

Please make your reservations and approvals(on the registration site) in advance.


Banquet Specical Stage―懇親会特別ステージ―

Special stages will be held on the banquet days.

Banquet & Night Session Menu―Selective Menu―

Day 1 (Dinner) : 2022/1/18
MenuMenu (for Vegan)
Day 2 (Dinner) : 2022/1/19
MenuMenu (for Vegan )
Day 3 (Night Session) : 2022/1/20
MenuMenu (for Vegan with Egg)
Menu (for Vegan without Egg)
Cofee Break Menu (Break Time)
Demi Gato ChocolateOrange Stick Cake
Leaf Pie ButterChocolate Brownie
Demi Gato Rum RaisinFinancier

(C) 2021-2022 SCIS2022 Organizing Committee.